Friday, December 9, 2011

Where I get it from...

Wow...Who knows what hides behind a smile right?

I was talking to someone and I thought I was fine...

And I was crying.

Thank GOD some of my best friends are counselors. :)

On a lighter note, I just want to thank Randy, the manager of Ultra Foods in Lansing. I had to buy 48 cans of crescent rolls. He was the only one who told me come on, gave me my own lane, and made my transaction a BREEZE. (Chicago Heights suggested I come in and out of their store TWELVE TIMES!) Also, Frankie my cashier, was a doll. So, now the shelter has 48 cans of crescent rolls for about a dollar a can. Considering how high their prices can run these days? I am very happy to have lots of coupons, and lot of ladies at the shelter who can print lots of coupons!!

Dad brought his annual donation of wooden cars to the shelter. It's his birthday, and he's donating stuff. Yeah, I know where I get it from.

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