Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kindness...and chocolate...

Today was a hard day but for a totally different reason.

I dropped off a ton of food at the shelter. It was great. I felt accomplished. I am pretty much done with that portion of my kindness journey. I have other jobs - cookies for the at risk school, a few surprises for people, but today brought unexpected stress.

It was dealing with my own child that brought me the most challenges with being kind.

I had an easy time giving, being kind, giving all I had to others...

But when my daughter was screaming her little head off in the middle of the store? For no good reason I can identify other than being tired?

That was a real act of kindness and patience. I didn't scream, and somehow I held it together.

How do you handle yourself in situations like this? Do you just leave? She's NEVER been this challenging in public before.

I'm putting up the white mommy flag. I could use some advice. And some chocolate.

P.S. For those who are wondering what I did. I took her home, fed her, and put her to bed early. She'd slept 12 hours the night before. Do kids really need more than 12 hours of sleep?

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