Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Slow but steady wins the race...

I have been sick having a horrible reaction to my I've been planning but mostly just sleeping.

Today I went out in the pouring rain to buy 65 cans of vegetables for the shelter. I didn't even feel the rain. I wish I could make a living doing stuff like this. I wish I felt well enough to work all the time period. I'm also working on getting coupons together for our cookie baking party for at risk kids, and waiting to meet up with someone who is donating more stuff for the shelter. Today is a great day. I may not be up to par, but I'm giving what I can.

I always wish I could do more. Being trapped in a sick body can be so frustrating...when you want to do so much and are able do only give a little at a time.



  1. Leslie, you are one of the most compassionate and giving people I know. You do so much and it's inspirational. How many healthier AND wealthier people can even say they give anything?

  2. :)

    That helps.

    A lot actually.

    I guess we're our own worst critics, right?