Wednesday, December 7, 2011

But we could always do more?

I find it ironic to start the blog today, on the day when most people would be feeling less than kind. My inlaws woke up to find four men with blow torches cutting the major pieces of my brother-in-law's engine out. I thought, how sad, that our economy has made things like this so prevalent. How sad that they felt that was necessary. How fortunate my in laws weren't hurt. I counted blessings.

Then this afternoon I was turning in our donations for the giving tree, 2 McDonald's Arch Cards with $10 for the homeless shelter. Part of our daily kindnesses. I felt bad because 4 of the stars on the tree haven't been adopted. I was talking to one of the directors and she said that's really nothing, that a hundred from the local school hadn't been adopted. Shocking. I remember when there weren't enough charity stars, too many givers. I know this is the world we are living in. I know it. I'm living it. But if we could all do a little bit with what we have, a little bit...a small bit of kindness for others...all those stars could get taken.

Then I thought...Should I have taken more? Did my kindness fall short?

What do you think internet friends? How do you give? What is enough giving?

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